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Rocket AdServer Networks Market is an international ad-network that unites top quality Publishers with direct Advertisers. Rocket AdServer Market partners with leading advertisers and publishers in more than 40 different countries and 15 different verticals. We ensure the highest eCPM rates along with on-time payments.

We are a cross-platform network and work with display, mobile (web & apps) traffic. We offer a variety of ad types and provide real-time statistics. The team of experienced traffickers achieve great results for our partners. How it all works:

- Publisher agrees to use Rocket AdServer Market tags to show ads from Rocket AdServer Networks Market.
- Network agrees to allocate its ads within approved Publishers in Rocket AdServer Networks Market.
- Rocket AdServer Networks Market analyzes bids from all add suppliers and fills publishers' inventory with ads with most expansive rates.
- We accept payment from network, charge 10% fee and pay to Publishers.

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